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Online Yoga Mentorship Program


This 6-month Mentorship program is designed to help you on your yoga journey as a teacher. I believe that being a yoga teacher is way more than just being able to do fancy yoga poses. I seek to fine tune your teaching skills for you so that you become a much more powerful teacher who speaks essentially and teach to the students rather than from memorisation of your script. 

Expectations of the program- 

-Complete reading assignment each month

-Complete journal questions

- Meet with me virtually on zoom each month to discuss reading assignments & homework

-Send me your lesson plan each month before we meet online 

- Teach a class to me each month & receive detailed feedback on your teachings & your sequence

- I am happy to observe a group class that you teach if you are able to get a group of people together. 

The ability to be a great teacher does not come overnight but with the help of a mentor, it can help speed up the process because I am able to give you detailed feedback on your teachings. You will also be a lot more adept with your yoga philosophy through the monthly reading assignments & discussions with me. You can start this program at any time.

The cost of this program is HK$10800.Payment plans available!

Please reach out if you have any questions -, +852-5997-7307.

If a 6-month commitment is too much for you, I can also do a single session with you at HK$2000 for a 90min session where you teach me for 60mins & 30 mins of feedback.

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